Under 65 Health

Major medical insurance is a specific type of health insurance plan that will help cover your medical expenses. It often covers preventive care services, urgent care visits, emergency room visits, prescription medications, and other routine medical expenses. However, this type of plan will not cover cosmetic procedures. It also has a longer duration than a short-term insurance plan. The goal of this plan is to minimize out-of-pocket costs for the policyholder. When people talk about typical health insurance coverage, major medical plans are the type of insurance they’re thinking of. Major medical insurance plans are comprehensive, comply with the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) regulations for qualifying health plans, and are designed to minimize out-of-pocket expenses for individuals and families. For example, your major medical insurance plan should cover your annual wellness exam. If you catch a cold and have to go to the emergency room due to complications, the plan will also often cover that expense.