Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Protect your finances and dependents in case you are hospitalized.

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What is Hospital Indemnity Insurance?

Your regular health insurance plan should pay a portion or all of your medical expenses associated with a hospital stay, but Hospital Indemnity insurance does more. Hospital Indemnity is a type of supplemental insurance that pays for your regular living expenses while you are in the hospital.

A Hospital Indemnity Plan Can Cover:

  •  Electric and Utility Bills
  • Your Mortgage
  • Dependents’ Groceries & Living Expenses
  • Child’s Daycare
  • Health Insurance Deductible
  • And More

Who Needs a Hospital Indemnity Plan?

Hospital stays, whether short or long-term, are easily one of the most expensive types of medical care. Your regular health insurance plan should pay for most of your stay, but some out of pocket costs are inevitable. A Hospital Indemnity Plan is beneficial for anyone who risks lost income with a hospital stay. Unfortunately, your risk of needing a hospital stay increases with age, usually at a time when your budget is already tight. If you are still paying on large investments, have dependents who rely on a portion of your income, or you just want to have a backup plan that supplements your out of pocket expenses, a Hospital Indemnity Plan may be right for you.