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AARP Medicare Supplement Information

Americo has a new Medicare Supplement application

All agents need to start using this form!

Mark your Calendar! Our Fall
“Status of the Market Meetings”
are September 11th through 20th.

Please call for more information. We look forward to seeing you there!

Mutual of Omaha is Entering the PDP Market!

Omaha Insurance has a rate increase effective 8/1/18
Please Note: This is a CORRECTION from their original release.

* Everest discontinues Plan to Lesser Plan Conversions and to announce commission changes.
Effective June 30, 2018, Everest will no longer accept any Plan to Lesser Plan application in the state of Missouri on a Guarantee Issue (GI) basis.
* Because of this, Everest is also taking steps to implement commission adjustments as well.
Everest is currently working on revised commission schedules and will distribute these via email as soon as they are ready this week.
The target date for the implementation of the revised commission schedules will be July 1, 2018.
* Please be advised that the Missouri Guarantee Issue Checklist (GI Checklist) has been updated
See attachments below for more information!
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The NEW Missouri Guaranteed Issue Checklist ... opens in new browser window

GTL’s Advantage Plus keeps getting better with two significant enhancements to their product effective June 1st.
First, to thank you for your business, GTL announces you have received a first year commission increase of 5 percent for all Advantage Plus policies effective June 1st, 2018 and later.
Second, GTL is including a feature: “Ask Mayo Clinic” online FREE for all Advantage Plus policies effective June 1st, 2018. That means that all of your new Advantage Plus clients will receive free access to Ask Mayo Clinic online which delivers Mayo Clinic expertise when people need it most. Your clients will be able to go online, type in a symptom and receive online care guidance from Ask Mayo Clinic for free as a new Advantage Plus Policyholder.
See attachment for more information on this new service – updated marketing materials coming soon!
Here is the link for the attachment:
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News Announcement
News Announcement
American National Health Marketing is pleased to announce the release of Plan F high deductible and Plan N in addition to Plans A, F and G previously announced on the Medicare Supplement product underwritten by American National Life Insurance Company of Texas. The same two premium discounts will be offered. A Household discount is available if another person over 18 resides in the same household as the applicant and a Multiple Policy discount is available if the applicant and spouse both have individual Medicare Supplement coverage in force with American National Life Insurance Company of Texas. Because the rates are so competitive, you will have the perfect opportunity to cross-sell some of our other products, such as recovery care and life insurance. If you are already contracted with Standard Life it is a simple process to get you appointed with American National Life Insurance Company of Texas.

Renaissance Spring Cash Contest
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Americo Announces Bonus Program
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Everest Announces Cash Bonus Program
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Standard Life announces they will no longer be selling
Medicare Supplements in Missouri

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Combined has announced Rate Increases that will take place on April 1, 2018. These amount of the increase will be different for different age groups, but anyone with Under-65 Combined business needs to immediately check those policies. We are seeing increases of Over 35% for the Medicare Disability plans.

Please contact our office if you have questions.


Companion has released a New Application that needs to be used for all business going forward. A copy of the new application can be found in the Medicare Supplement section of this website.

*** Upcoming TRANSAMERICA Rate Increases ***

Transamerica has just announced rate changes for multiple states – Including Missouri.
Please click HERE to see how your business could be affected.

Please call Insurance Specialties for more information.

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